The world's first portable analyzer which won several medical innovation awards (US FDA cleared) appears to be an efficient device for COVID-19 testing with accurate results and all data is entirely digital.

PixoTest COVID-19 Ag Test is a quality antigen testing using the PixoTest POCT Analyzer and indicating the results via PixoHealth Pass application. After the test, the results are generated within minutes and testees will receive the results on the app right away. With this efficient device by EU standard, it is perfectly suitable for various users; manufacturing industry, schools, tourism industry and service businesses.

iXensor wins the Taiwan Excellence Gold Award for PixoTest® COVID-19 Antigen Test, a digital COVID-19 rapid antigen test

PixoTest® COVID-19 Antigen Test is the third digital health product of iXensor received the Taiwan Excellence Award. It is regarded as the highest honor in Taiwan for industrial design, research and development, quality management, and marketing. It is also the first product of iXensor to receive the Gold Award out 1,179 applications from 210 companies.

Be able to return to schools safely. Reduce parents' concerns and teachers' difficult tasks.
Be able to reopen for tourism and restore all industry nationwide. Ensure the safety for both entrepreneurs and tourists.
Be able to reopen all business with safe and secure environment.
How to use PixoTest COVID-19 Ag Test Kit with PixoTest POCT Analyzer.

This product is used with rapid immunochrotographic test to detect SARS and CoV-2 qualitatively by collecting nasal swab specimen and perform in PixoTest POCT Analyzer efficiently in two following modes;

  • Read Now Mode

    The analyzer will reveal test result in 30-minute process.

  • Walk Away Mode

    The analyzer will yield quality test result within 15 minutes.

Scan QR code on PixoHealth Pass

Testee will use PixoHealth Pass application to individually scan QR code for testing with PixoTest POCT Analyzer. Then the test result will send to the testee via the app right away with accuracy.

PixoHealth Pass App

Connect people's health to a digital world.

Giving accurate results, PixoHealth Pass also helps identifying individuals so that bring back people's hope and freedom to live again, to be able to participate in public events and to travel abroad more safe. PixoHealth Pass App can be useful for moving the organization forward, restoring and maintaining global economic flows.

DL Application

PixoHealth Pass App is available to free download on both App Store and Google Play. The app will create a specific QR ID for each user after finish the registration.

PixoHealth Pass Admin App

Help preventing future pandemics.

PixoHealth Pass Admin App is used for doctors and healthcare professionals to manage as administrators. This will help users to control the access and monitor test results of PixoTest COVID-19 Antigen test in their own organization s by scanning QR code. This can be apply to check their employees, office staff, students and tourists.

In addition, PixoHealth Pass Admin Web Portal works along with GDPR-complaint data helping your organization in real-time management and tracking the results efficiently.

Benefits for organization of using PixoHealth Pass

PixoHealth Pass App will give you a "QR code result" when a testee gets negative result so that reduces test frequency and mass screening test. Moreover, it will help a tester seperating between flu and COVID-19 infectious users effectively. Also this application will necessarily reduce a burden for physicians and help building better community without COVID-19.